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Municipality of the District of Argyle

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Photography Project

We truly feel that Argyle is a great place to live, work, explore and play and we would like to be able to show people examples of this by using your great photos.

We are looking for scenic shots of as many communities as possible. These do not need to be only natural scenery; they can be buildings, people, roads …

Please enter 3 printed photos showcasing your work by the deadline of July 31st.

If chosen for our project, we would like to have at least 50 photos of yours to work with by the end of September- mid October You will have to label each photo- by community and if necessary by what is actually in the photo (if it is not entirely evident).

If you have any winter shots in your collection that you would also like to submit, we would be glad to use them. They will be used for marketing purposes on our website and on our regional tourism website as well as any print publications that we produce (such as brochures, signs, etc…).

The photos will become the property of the municipality. We will give the photographer credit and will link to your website (if applicable).

If you accept to do this work for us, we will pay you $500 up front and $500 upon completion of the project (you would send us an invoice for your work).

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2015 Summer Day Camps

When: July 6 - August 20, 2015 - Day Camp programs start at 8:00 a.m. and finish at 5:30 p.m

Where: Plymouth School / École Pubnico-Ouest / École Secondaire de Par-En-Bas

Cost: $13 per day

Click Here for more information on our day camp programs.

Summer Day CampsSummer Day Camps

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2015 Dog Tag Program

Did you know: In accordance with the Municipal Dog By-Law the owner of a dog in the Municipality of Argyle must register the dog and pay a fee for a dog tag. 

Dog tag fees are used to offset a small portion of the costs to control and manage the dog population in the municipality. Also, the tags help us find the owner in situations where dogs get lost.

Thank you for being a responsible dog owner, should you have any questions, please contact us.

Click Here for more information and to print out an Application for a Dog Tag.

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