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Municipality of the District of Argyle

2020 Municipal Elections - Candidates

List of Candidates


District 1 - Tusket, Hubbard's Point, Abram's River, Gavelton, Pleasant Lake, Little Egypt, East Kemptville (District Map)


  • Doreen Frotten
  • Danny Muise


District 2 - Plymouth, Upper Wedgeport, Wedgeport, Melbourne, Little River Harbor, Comeau's Hill (District Map)


  • Roderick Murphy Jr.
  • Ted Saulnier
  • Raymond Tabb


District 3 - Lower Wedgeport, Wedgeport (District Map)

  •  Gordon Boudreau
  •  Kristen Leblanc
  •  Verna Wirth


District 4 - Amirault’s Hill, Sluice Point, Surette’s Island and Morris Island (District Map)

  •  Guy Surette


District 5 - Ste.-Anne du Ruisseau, Eel Brook, Belleville, Bellneck, Springhaven and Quinan (District Map)


  • Nicole Albright
  • Malcolm Madden


District 6 - Glenwood, Robert's Island, the Argyles (District Map)


  • Richard Donaldson
  • Craig Prouty


District 7 - Pubnico Head, East Pubnico (District Map)

  •  Kathy Bourque


District 8 - West Pubnico, portion of Middle West Pubnico (District Map)

  •  Glenn Diggdon


District 9 - Lower West Pubnico & portion of Middle West Pubnico (District Map)

  • Calvin d'Entremont
  • Susanne d'Eon


 Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (CSAP)


  • Denise BABIN
  • Jeanelle D'ENTREMONT
  • Clyde DEVILLER
  • Greg FOSTER
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