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Boating in Argyle

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Municipality of the District of Argyle

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2017 Argyle Soccer Schedules

Here are the schedules for the 2017 Argyle Minor Soccer season.  Have a great season everyone!

Argyle Minor SoccerArgyle Minor Soccer

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Active Transportation Plan

Here is the final Active Transportation Plan for the Municipality of the District of Argyle. Its purpose is to plan a path for improving active transportation in the Municipality. It is the culmination of several months of work with the community.

Beginning in early 2016, the Municipality of the District of Argyle, along with a group of planners from UPLAND, worked together to identify a variety of innovative and tangible ideas to help improve options for residents to use active modes of transportation for trips to work, school, shops, services, and for recreational purposes. More specifically, this plan aims to:

  • Increase active transportation use—including walking, running, biking and kayaking—in the Municipality;
  • Identify existing areas that need to be upgraded to increase Active Transportation;
  • Identify new opportunities for active transportation infrastructure that help people work and play;
  • Increase active transportation opportunities in areas such as schools and business hubs of the Municipality;
  • Identify links to Provincial Blue Route cycling initiative;
  • Provide a 10 – 15 year implementation strategy that identifies priorities, best practices for behavioural changes, and decision making processes.

2016 - Active Transportation Plan - Final (77.58 MB)

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Municipal Administration Building

The current condition of our administrative building has been a source of conversation for some time. In 1998, an initial study was made on the building and there were improvements made as a result. At the same time, Council of the day decided to put $100,000 aside each year, expecting a larger project would be required in the future.

This project is one of nine on our long term capital plan.

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Upcoming Recreation Events


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