1. Call Meeting to Order
  2. Approval of Agenda/Conflict of Interest Declaration
  3. Presentation - None
  4. Adoption of Minutes
  5. Business Arising from the Minutes  
    1. Letter of Concern – MLA Colton LeBlanc regarding Pubnico Head Parking Lot (Attachment)
    2. Letter of Support to WREN regarding the Residential Retrofit Funding Application (Attachment)
    3. Letter to the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal / Nova Scotia Public Works regarding plowing of Chemin de L’est (Attachment)
    4. Thank you letter to MLA Colton LeBlanc regarding Wedgeport school and property (Attachment)
  6. For Decision
    1. Temporary Borrowing Resolution – FCM Loan (Resolution Attachment)
    2. Temporary Borrowing Resolution – Operating reserve (Request for Decision Attached)
    3. Letter of Support Request - Warden Muise
    4. Second Reading - By-law 41 - The Maintenance and Improvement of Private Roads (Bylaw Attached)
  7. Correspondence and For Information
    1. Work Commencing on Municipal and Village Code of Conduct Regulations (Attachment)
  8. Financial Requests - none
  9. Agenda Topics for Next Meeting / Notice of Motion by Councillors
  10. Question Period
  11. In Camera - None.
  12. Adjournment